How we think

left brain + right

In today’s economy, it’s critical to do more with less. To outsmart – not outspend – the competition. And at the same time, to market yourself in a way that’s relevant, fresh and memorable.

So advertising is the very last thing that we do. Instead, in the beginning, we start at the end – immersing ourselves in your business to carve out what you want to achieve and how to get there from here.

Go where strategies are born
ThinkMapping is our 3-step proprietary process that lights the way to planning and executing any successful initiative. Most clients are surprised by what they learn about their business and their culture.
1. DeThinking
Separates undeniable facts from corporate folklore, examines your company’s conventional wisdom and passes it through a customer-centric model
2. ReThinking
Builds a reality foundation by redefining the present, visualizing the future, testing reality and exploring undiscovered territory
3. FreeThinking
Crafts breakthrough strategies, takes new directions to new destinations and delights everyone in the channel

ThinkMapping helps us develop strategies that align objectives with marketplace realities. From there, we build and implement a solid blueprint that features sparkling creative and measurable results.

When the left brain meets the right, remarkable things happen.