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In the crowded world of financial services, you must be heard. But you don’t always need to shout. See how unexpected imagery can make a stirring statement.

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Savitz: Employee benefits, administration outsourcing, actuarial services
Identity | Brand photography | Print | Digital | Internal branding | Brand management
When you think of a 50-year-old benefits consulting firm, you may picture geeks, wrinkle-free Dockers and cubicles. We partnered with this legacy company to create surprising brand visuals that connect the attributes of wild animals with the firm’s core values. And we brought out their inner rock stars in a memorable photo shoot. Savitz now stands out in a space filled with “Me, too.”

The actuary that roared
Botel Asset Management: Financial planning, investment selection, tax mitigation
Identity | Marketing strategy | Digital
For 30 years, Botel Asset Management quietly advised clients about their wealth. And the boutique firm never advertised. So when it came time to jump into modern-day marketing, we celebrated what makes the company unique – its extremely small size. We took what some may call an Achilles heel and turned it on its head, infusing new energy into an otherwise bland marketplace. Little becomes the new big.

Big money
Sterling Trustees: Fee-only trust administration firm
Identity | Digital | Direct | SEO/SEM | Print | Collateral
How do you declare your independence? For this international trust administration company, you say it with a pair of red Chuck Taylor high tops amongst a sea of polished black oxfords. It’s that one orange fish, leading a school of grey followers. A single bird perched far beyond the others. Sterling Trustees tells their story of seasoned, savvy objectivity using words and pictures that celebrate the power of independent thinking.

A different school of thought
WealthHub Solutions: Trust administration technology
Identity | Digital | Brand architecture
At WealthHub, it’s all about integration. This start-up tech superstar brings together the industry’s most advanced applications into one simple, cloud-based platform. Breakthrough technology easily streamlines workflow, organizes information and provides meaningful analysis. Our campaign yielded rapid-fire awareness – dramatizing the idea of cohesion simply and clearly with strong graphics…leveling the playing field in the bustling wealth management sector.

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